Faith Together

faith together bannerImagine watching a Disney/Pixar movie, or perhaps a Harry Potter movie. Children and adults might both watch, and both equally enjoy it. They're films which are designed to appeal to both, and the story can move the adults as much as the children. 

Faith Together is designed to do the same with Christian faith. It is aimed to be child friendly, and through stories, videos, music, crafts and play, stimulate children to curiosity about Christian faith. We use the tried and tested Godly Play stories, and have a music group which includes children and adults. But all stories can be read on different levels, and it's our hope that the way we present the faith is accessible, enjoyable and stimulating for adults too. We also have a free meal together at the end of every meeting - a great chance to enjoy time together.  

We launched Faith Together in October 2019 and it has developed into a good size regular congregation, with a very positive atmosphere. All are very welcome to these special meetings which take place on the second Sunday of every month. Faith Together has its own Facebook page, embedded below, so you can see our latest news here. We look forward to seeing you!